Post Surgery

Physicians frequently order physical therapy after surgery in an effort to minimize scar tissue and maximize return of normal function to surgical area. Your physical therapist can teach you ways to move and do basic everyday activities with the least amount of pain.

Patients are frequently instructed in scar tissue massage in order to break up scar tissue. Any areas of weakness are strengthened with exercise specific to the weak area. Stretching will be provided if motion has been lost. Therapy will be structured to your specific needs.

Once surgery is complete, be sure to apply ice to the joint as recommended and take your pain medication as prescribed. Be sure to take your pain medication 1 1/2- 2 hours before your therapy session so that it is beginning to take affect during the therapy session. Therapy is painful but is not designed to be excruciating painful. Keeping regularly scheduled therapy appointments (roughly 6 weeks) is important for good theraputic outcomes and return to normal function.