"I would highly recommend O'Neill Physical Therapy to anyone that has a problem or an injury that needed therapy. The staff is wonderful. I actually looked forward to coming in for therapy. They helped my pain go away and the exercises they showed me were very helpful."
                                                         -Carolyn Renner                                                         

"The staff were always friendly and helpful. My care team were all very patient, thorough, and answered all of my questions. I would return if needed and would recommend any of my friends and family to come here."
                                                             -Precious, RN                                                          

"Before starting physical therapy, I was considering a tough mudder competition. I was very unsure of my ability to complete the course. After starting PT at O'Neill, I became confident in myself and my ability to do something of that nature. I signed up and completed 10 miles and 19 obstacles of the 2015 Tough Mudder in Virginia. I will do more in the future because I know I can. Thank you O'Neill Physical Therapy.
                                                           -Alana Jones                                                             

The whole team in the practice made me feel welcome. My care plan and its execution were flawless. I made great strides in my recovery.
                                                       - William Pike                                                          

"Outstanding service given by the staff to each client. They make you feel like you are the only one and give you their full attention. They helped me on
 three different occassions. I would highly recommend the excellent service.
Thank you so much.
                                                                    -Irene Cole                                                     

Excellent care
                                                           -Phillip Moon                                                            

"My experience there was A #1 in all areas from scheduling        
appointments, to good communication with my therapist.
                                                      -Roberta Rhoads                                                

" I had never been a patient at O'Neill for therapy until I had my foot/heel pain.
I had a very nice experience. The staff was excellent, very professional, and
friendly. They always made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. I would recommend
O'Neill services to everyone.
                                                            -Sandy Tedrick                                                     

"I highly recommend O'Neill Physical Therapy. The therapist and the assistants
listen to you. When you tell them you have other physical problems, they want to work on helping you to control those pains along with those that you just went in for. You get the full attention of the therapists. I went to another therapy place and you were left alone a lot and I had to keep waiting for the therapist to come back because they were working with too many patients. The staff at the front desk to the back of the place were so pleasant. You always feel welcome as soon as you walk in."
                                                          -Lisa Stephey                                                       

"My experience was very positive, Everyone was skilled and made me feel very
comfortable during the entire process. From the moment I walked in the door, I received excellent care!"
  - Karen Spessard

"All of the staff I worked with were great from the therapists to the receptionist. They were very knowledgeable and friendly."
                                                 -John Kenney                                              
"Thank you!"   
                                                           -Ralph Belin                                                              

"Very professional and helped alleviate my problem. Thank you!"
                -Annette Deener        

" I want to say thank you to the O'Neill Physical Therapy "family". I say "family" because you are more than just staff to each other. And, you are very welcoming, friendly and helpful to your clients.
The office reflects the warmth of a home, yet the physical therapy is the highest level of professionalism. I am an example and can testify from the experience. :) And, as much as I will miss your smiling faces, I hope I can go back to one of my part-time jobs. I'm always working on my shoulder and back to strengthen it and make it less painful. Thus, I think often of you when I do my exercises. I keep on smiling."
Thanks again, Robbie Matonak     

"Julie and Leigh were so helpful with my treatments-not giving up when results were not what was expected. They went the extra mile and worked with me until results were achieved.
-Wanda Sinnot

"Staff very friendly. I never waited long at all for my appointments. The receptionists were very friendly and helpful. Brenda did a great job."
-Lisa Kelly

"I found your staff, on a scale of 1-10, a 10! I am sure that I will be seeing you again. I really wish I would have come to you first."